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One of Zacatecas’ trademark traditions is the so called Callejoneada.  A Callejoneada is a popular type of party in which a group of people gather at a specific downtown meeting point, at night, and along with a tamborazo marching band and a donkey carrying a mezcal large jug, go walking through the streets and alleys of Zacatecas, whilst dancing to the music and sipping mezcal.


Photo: Zacatecas Travel

The tradition has gained momentum during the last few years and has become a cool add on to wedding celebrations and university graduations.


Mezcal, from Zacatecas state, is a well-recognized must-try spirit, that has gained incredible popularity over the last decade.  With various distilleries across Zacatecas, be sure to pick up a mezcal bottle as a souvenir when visiting Dazzling Zacatecas.


So, if you are visiting Zacatecas, make sure to ask about Callejoneadas and do not miss the chance of experiencing these amazing and fun traditional parties!