Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico
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Discover Mexico’s Brand new combo tour is here!

So you have only a few hours in Cozumel Island and you want to make the most of it, right?

You want to enjoy a truly Mexican Experience, such as a Tequila Tasting Tour, but would not want to miss out on a Beach Day, correct?

Up until now, you had to make a choice between one and the  other, and miss out on something… not anymore!

Introducing Discover Mexico’s new combo:  Drink and Chill

Your day starts at Discover Mexico, top renowned theme park where you will partake in an exclusive Jose Cuervo Tequila Tasting Seminar. It is not just any “Tequila Tour” you could have elsewhere. It is the Only Tequila Tour fully endorsed by a renowned Tequila Distillery known worldwide, Casa José Cuervo.   Here, along with an expert Guide you will be taught about the process of producing Tequila, the different kinds there are, and most importantly, how to taste them.  Believe us, if you thought Tequila was a “shot, shot, shot” experience, you are in for a big revelation.

Included with your Tequila Seminar is Discover Mexico’s Museum of Mexican Traditional Arts – the only one of its kind in the Mexican Caribbean:  a curated collection of handcrafts and popular arts pieces from all around Mexico. From Oaxaca’s black pottery to Yucatan’s embroidery, you will get to see up-close how intricate and symbolic Mexican popular arts are.

The Dioramic garden is also included, where you will go on a stroll through Mexican history of three eras: Pre-Hispanic, Colonial, and Modern. 

Finally yet importantly, you must be hungry at this point, right? Great, because you are in or a treat:  The always-popular Taco Buffet.   Sample true Mexican fillings, such as Cochinita Pibil and Tinga with a side of refried black beans and Mexican red rice.  If you have a vegetarian diet, worry not, there is zucchini and Poblano peppers and corn.  Moreover, did we mention the tortillas are hand-made?

This will be your time at Discover Mexico Park, and then comes the beach, and not just any beach, but one located in a National Park.

Enter Chankanaab Park access (worth mentioning, the transportation between parks is included) where you will be able to stroll through luscious tropical gardens and miniature replica of various Mexican old cultures such as Mayan, Olmec and Aztec.  You can catch the sea lions’ show if you wish as well, or simply relax on one of the many loungers found across Chankanaab park. You could even take a dip in the sea, and do some snorkeling surrounded by dozens of colorful tropical fish. 

Various restaurants and bars are located in Chankanaab Park so you may also catch a bite or a drink whilst there (not included with price), or take part in some additional activities such as ZipLine, Dolphin experience, or scuba diving. 

Truly, Chankanaab Park is Cozumel’s number one landmark:  its beauty is unmatched and is always top of the list for both regular visitors and newcomers to Cozumel Island.  Whilst there, why not look at The Cabana Beach? If you fancy something extra special, this is the place.  Located inside Chankanaab Park and being a partner to Discover Mexico, this little private and secluded beach club is one of a kind.

The club offers just 11 private cabanas that accommodate up to six people and feature a personal concierge, its own food truck with an array of Caribbean and Mexican dishes and more than anything, privacy.  If you want a quiet and luxurious Beach Break whilst in Cozumel, this is it.

So there you have it, Drink and Chill.  The ultimate combo package for the traveler who wants all while visiting Cozumel Island:  Culture, staple spirit, gorgeous beach break and full all around experience. 

Be one of the first to book this tour and enjoy Cozumel Island to the max!